Message from the president

Tarky is a member of the Earth Group.

Company Philosophy
"Live in Harmony with the Best Quality"
"Aim to please customers and to be their beloved company"
Company's motto
"Enthusiasm" "Originality" "Sincerity" "Harmony"
  • Toru Takai
    President Toru Takai

Tarky specializes in planning, developing, and supplying pet accessories for dogs and cats such as collars,
leashes, harnesses, and toys, etc. These are the items that people need when they live together with pets.

It has already been a long time since humans started having pets and living together with them.
The relationship between humans and pets is inseparable and is always based on deep affection.
We strongly believe that the reliable relationship is very important to establish a true bond between the two.

In this relationship, what we, humans, can receive from pets is great comfort, healthy time, and unconditional love.
And in return, pets can have a safe and comfortable life because humans think and care about them a great amount of time.

In order to bring perfection to this relationship, we think that it's necessary to provide pets with not only the healthy food produced based on biological research and comfortable housing environment but also items like Tarky supplies.
Tarky has been developing and supplying variety of pet accessories with a hope to provide ever-improving lifestyle to humans and pets. We will continue to create attractive and innovative products to please customers and their pets around the world, seeking constantly for new ideas and new ways based on scientific fact.
Our goal is to evolve with the society in harmony with the global environment and local community, to achieve the satisfaction of our customers and the well-being of their pets, and eventually to become everyone's beloved company.


Founded April, 1964 (Start of Operation)
Establishment November 17, 1978
Capital 30 million yen
Employees 51 (as of December, 2011)
Representatives Chairman Masaharu Kamei
President Toru Takai
Items of business Pet accessories for dogs and cats, such as collars, leashes, harnesses, toys, and dental care goods, etc.
Domestic clients Pet Goods retail store,Discount shop, Super market, Pet shop, wholesalers
Overseas clients China, Taiwan, South Korea, Spain, etc.


October, 1966 Production of pet accessories began.
November, 1978 Head Office/Factory was moved to Tsurumi-Ku, Osaka, and changed the former company name to Tarky Co.,Ltd.
March, 1985 New Head Office/Factory was built in Moriguchi City, Osaka.
February, 2000 Distribution Center was set up in Mie Pref.
February, 2008 Joined the Earth Group.